Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gavin's first day...

What a day! We went to the hospital to see Jessica, Gavin, and Dale. I drove over with Hayley and Wyatt in my car. Wyatt fell asleep before we hit the end of my street. Poor thing...what a long day. All he wanted was his mommy! Once we did get there, we took turns holding him. Jessica's feeling great and Dale is a champ.
Hayley couldn't wait to hold Gavin. Infact Dale left her hold him first. She sat down with him and after a few minutes she announced, "Okay, I'm done now..." and stood up and walked away. Got to love the mind of a four-year old. Kenzie was great holding him. Can't wait for her to be old enough to babysit all the kids. Soon enough!

Grandma Julie and Grandpa Denny stopped by. They are both so excited to finally see Wyatt. We all can't decide who he looks like. He is by far the smallest Chase. He was 7 pounds 6 ounces and 20 1/4 inches long. Got the correct numbers when we were there. Plus, he has the smallest noggin by far! We are all amazed.

Gavin's here!

Today has been very exciting for all of us. The girls and I played hooky from school and work to go to the hospital and wait for Gavin. Didn't take long once we arrived. We were able to see Jessica and Dale before she delivered Gavin. He is just so adorable. Looks like he even has reddish blonde hair.

Haven't had a chance to hold him yet; only saw him get a bath before they took all took a nap. We are leaving soon to go back. Right now, we just had dinner and Wyatt is over with us playing with the girls. He is a champ and so lovey today. Our family continues to grow...

Dale and Jessica also surprised us.  For several months, they have fooled us all saying they didn't have a middle name. They decided to name Gavin after Kurt. He is Gavin Kurt Chase. We all need to make sure Kurt doesn't let it go to his head and think he has a mini-me! I don't think it will happen. He was extremely touched by it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anxiously waiting for Mr. Gavin!

I'm sitting here with the television on as Kurt is taking a nap waiting for the call to go to the hospital. Jessica, my sister-in-law, is at the hospital hopefully in labor. Today is her due date. Fingers crossed Gavin will be here soon. We are all so excited for Dale, Jessica, and Wyatt. (Wyatt calls the Seattle SeaHawks "HeeHawks!")
This time brings back so many many memories for us. Diapers, long nights...but it is all worth it! We are so blessed to have two beautiful and healthy girls.

Collection of Fall

Playing Catch up...

Say hello to Cleopatra (Makenzie) and Minnie Mouse (Hayley).

Believe it or not, there is a goat climbing a ladder...

This is Aubrie Sue Hare, our good friends Brooke and Aaron Hare's little girl. She is the most precious lady bug!

Does it look like they are camera shy?

First Time!

Here we go...
I'll do my best to post pictures of the girls and let you know what is happening in our lives. This year has flown by quickly. Kenzie started second grade at a new school. Hayley is in pre-kindergarten and loving it!

The girls are growing so fast; hard to believe Kenzie is going on 8. Hayley is a munchkin. At 4, she may be more petite like I was at that age but she is definitely is a handful. Kenzie is close to wearing my shoes and is a head shy of being my height. Yikes!