Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gavin's here!

Today has been very exciting for all of us. The girls and I played hooky from school and work to go to the hospital and wait for Gavin. Didn't take long once we arrived. We were able to see Jessica and Dale before she delivered Gavin. He is just so adorable. Looks like he even has reddish blonde hair.

Haven't had a chance to hold him yet; only saw him get a bath before they took all took a nap. We are leaving soon to go back. Right now, we just had dinner and Wyatt is over with us playing with the girls. He is a champ and so lovey today. Our family continues to grow...

Dale and Jessica also surprised us.  For several months, they have fooled us all saying they didn't have a middle name. They decided to name Gavin after Kurt. He is Gavin Kurt Chase. We all need to make sure Kurt doesn't let it go to his head and think he has a mini-me! I don't think it will happen. He was extremely touched by it.

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